Hello from the Other Side


By the time I post this I’ll have been away for 175 days…eight days shy of “One 83”, the name of this blog (and how long I was to deploy).  I should be home in 210 days.  In some ways it feels like a blink and in other ways I feel like it was a life time ago that I climbed into bed and curled up with Mac wondering what was in store for me….what did I sign up for?

A theme song around here is “Hello” by Adele.  Every time you hear “hello”…it’s the first thing that comes to your mind…. “hello from the other side.”  But really, when we call home and say “hello it’s me,” we may be calling from the other side but we are saying “hello from the outside”… outside of our personal worlds, the world we get to go back to soon.

Folks have started to arrive and depart.  When I see the bags for those who are leaving on the collection pad outside my office door, I get an excited twinge knowing that will be me soon.

As the  winds of “personnel rotation” really start to blow, I’m leaning-in to gales and trying to have the good work we have done here be repeatable and sustainable….to be lasting and carried on, not to be swept away from the rotational swap-out and the desert winds. I took the charge to “leave it better than you found it.”  And as it’s time for me to “leave it,” I do so leaning-in and pressing towards getting my bag out to the pad and boarding a plane to go home.

Thirty five days and I should be on the other side…and when I hear Adele sing “hello from the outside”….she’ll be singing to me.  I’ll be outside this world; this intense world that I will carry with me as I deliberately return back to my world.

I’m ready…in an excited and energetic and happy way, I am ready to go home!

So….hello from the other side…I’m coming home soon.


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