Thirty Five Days

It was thirty five days ago that I was standing in a cold rain at a somber vigil for two fallen Airman from Hanscom AFB. Losing those from your base…your community…really, really hurts and it touches so many in so many ways. I’ve carry the image of a pair of boots, riffle and helmut standing in honor…two sets “in formation” next to each other…the salutes, the tears and the pain of that cold, gray fall day remain on my heart and in my thoughts, and in my prayers.

Thirty five days later, I stood in formation with my squadron and deployed community for Retreat, a ceremony honoring our flag and our freedom. I stood at attention with my deployed family as the early evening’s light faded and listened to the names of our Hanscom Airman read, honoring and acknowledging those who died out here, serving our country in a war intended to keep my family and loved ones safe. The settling heat of the desert stoked my emotions and thoughts and compassion for my Hanscom family who I know carry a heavy heart.

That cold, rainy, gray day and this dry, dusty, hot desert…forever connected.


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