imageWhen I got tasked for my deployment I knew I would want to journal, to share it, reflect on on the experience, and take it all in…to grow me.   My plan, to get ready, was to “wear in my boots”…on walks with the dog, out in my garden, around the house. I knew I’d be in these boots for at least 12 hours a day.

My boots are the metaphor for my journey and experience.

I needed to learn how to lace them up…how to tuck in the extra lace. I tested them out with talc powder and different socks. And I bought inserts for comfort and support.

But before I even left on my deployment my eyes where opened wide. So much training…basically boot camp while you juggled work, family etc. I certified in firing two weapons, one at a marksman level (haha), I learned how to blouse my uniform trousers and clip the many threads (they are called cables) which are not authroized, iron and set the colar right. I even watched YouTube videos on how to roll and pack a uniform (they even have them for rolling tee-shirts and socks!). I packed and replaced my bags so many times that Jack (my dog) didn’t believe I was really going anywhere.

And I got myself ready….and my boots feel great!


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